My intent was to post everyday, then I realized that I don’t always have something of value to say everyday. This has been one of my most recent and hard to learn lessons… If you don’t have anything of substance to say, don’t say anything at all. If you can’t be kind, encouraging, informational or even just pleasant, please don’t speak. I am finding myself more frequently hurt by the things that people say to me. I am not sure if it is because I am more conscientous about my words or if it is because I have suddenly become a horrible person. Either way, I find myself often saying “wow”.

Something else I have pondered in my absent days on the blog is that there will always be “something”. Maybe it is financial, an illness, a relationship or even circumstantial… but usually there is always something. I would imagine if you stopped every person or stranger you saw and asked them what their “something” is, they would have an answer. I have decided that if someone says… “Everything is just great, absolutly fantastic.” Or even the simple, “good”; they aren’t necessairly lying, but what ever their “something” is, they certainly don’t want to share it with you. They want you to believe that all is well with the world. I am not stupid either… I understand that in some rare cases you will encounter people who’s stars have lined up and all is in sync in their universe. But I would scurry along, because those times don’t last long. Most certainly, they will be hit by an astroid or a spaceship that has fallen out of the sky.

I am feeling very simplistic today and I am lacking much depth… for these reasons; my feelings are hurt and I have “somethingS”. I told 15 people today that I was wonderful and in reality I am, because I have decided that my “somethings” are not going to control my thought life. I have decided that I am a good person, I love, I am worthy, and I am loved. For those things I am thankful.

On this jouney to be the best we can be some days are going to be difficult than others and our best today is our worst tomorrow or vice versa.


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What exactly is a good life?  Andy Griffith died this morning.  I have heard several people say that he had a good life.  I would have to agree.  He had a very “successful” career.  During his last years he spent his time with family, and he was respected and loved my so many people from many different generations.  I can still remember watching “The Andy Griffith Show” with my Dad while my mother cooked dinner.  After my father passed away the catchy little whistling tune reminded me of my dad every time.  (My dad also resembled Andy Griffith considerably).

So today, I was thinking about what constitutes a good life.  Generally, when someone passes away at an older age, they are said to have had a good life.  If someone dies young, it is tragic.  So, is a good life a long life? Or is it a life full of family and successes?

None of us want to die young, most of us have visions of rocking on the front porch with our significant other.  Well, I do anyway.  Rocking and reminising about all of our good times, and seeing our family tree grow while creating new memories, that sounds like a good life.  Does it have to be full of money? riches? a really nice home? Or can a good life be a modest home, filled with love and laughter?

So many of us settle for mediocrity.  I don’t think that Andy settled for anything other than to be the best he could be in all areas of his life.  He was an amazing actor, family man and Christian.  I would imagine that each day he set out to be his best.  What an amazing legacy he is leaving for those of us who had the pleasure of watching him on TV all those years.  I will miss Andy… please picture me whistling that tune and on my way to the pond with my dad and my fishing pole.

I haven’t had such a good day today at being my best, I ate a really good, but crappy lunch.  I have been negative and frustrated.  I haven’t accomplished as much as I had hoped to accomplish either.  But, today is barely half over, I can make healthy choices for the rest of the day, be nice, think great thoughts, finsh my to do list and love my wonderful family as much as I can.

I am thankful for my good life today.  I am also thankful for Andy’s good life. I hope you are thankful for your life too, and if not, please set out to change it.  We all deserve to have spoken over us at our funeral, that we had a good life.

Every single Sunday I vow to have the best week ever, all the while indulging in my favorite foods, drinks and laziness. This weekend has been different, in that I have been conscientious. I haven’t been perfect or the best, but better. So I am liking the idea of being better each day. This is a holiday week, and definitely out of routine. But I will try to stay on track to be better.

I’m thankful today for my incredible friendships, my super wonderful husband, and my rockin kids and grandkids. I’m thankful for the blessings in my life and for those blessings that have yet to come.

I cant wait to share with you all of my upcoming successes for this week! Stay tuned and be sure to “follow” my blog!

Happy Sunday night to you all!

First thing this morning, one of my agents came into my office.  He has had several deals fall through recently.  We discussed each of the transactions in depth and talked about a couple of options to salvage them; however, in real estate, a lot of times, things are out of our control.  No matter what we say or do, the deal is over.  Sometimes it is because of something we did or did not do.  And other times, it is just the way the cookie crumbled.  When this happens either way, it stings.

Our profession is a tough one, in that we aren’t paid regularly, unless of course the bank is handing out loans like candy, which by the way, they are not doing anymore!  The real estate industry can be cruel and take food away from the table of our children or it can be generous and send your family on vacations all over the world.  I have seen and experienced it all.

Taking money out of the equation simplifies things, but when the bills are due, it can make for a tough day.  I am not sure what to say to agents when they are having a tough day.  What do I say when the cookie has crumbled? or when an agent has screwed up?

My typical responses…

Better days are coming, you will get through this…

These things happen and they will continue to happen, it is how you deal with it that matters.

Being angry isn’t going to solve anything.

I will support you, if you want to fight this, we can.

All of us make mistakes.

After considering all of these responses, I can’t help but wonder if I am missing a huge opportunity to facilitate growth and encourage a higher level of confidence and committment to our roller coaster of an industry.  Real estate is one of the few “jobs” that pay based on performance and performance alone.  Think about it… the best and the worst police officers are pretty much paid the same, based on rank and time of service.  I can go on all day, firefighters, teachers, government employees and especially the military.  A marine can save the lives of hundreds, take down the biggest terrorist of all or shoot enemies out of the sky and he doesn’t even get a bonus in his check.   Real estate however, you either perform, or you don’t get paid. So what is it that I should say when these teachable moments arise?

I can’t help but think of Guillaume Apollinaire, as I have his quote posted in my office, ” Come to the edge he said.  They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said.  They came.  He pushed them, and they flew…”

So my birds… I am going to push you until you fly.

My redo…

You are a great realtor and if you aren’t, you are going to be.  You must work hard and you must be diligent in your work.  Pay attention and focus on saving the “deal” not allowing yourself or the “deal” to be defeated.  We are going to experience crumbled cookies in this business, but you are tough and you can handle it.  Focus on the next one, and the next.  You can do this, I believe in you.

Or at least I didn’t hit it! Is it going to be a good day?

So many of us go to bed each night and vow that the next day we are going to be the best we can be.  We are going to rise and shine, eat healthy, exercise, accomplish many things at work, read our devotional and spend time with God.  We are going to be a nicer person, hold doors for people and let others cut in front of us.  We are going to be the best parent we can be, or be the encouraging spouse.  Then before we know it, the alarm goes off, and off with the head of the person who invented the snooze button.  Just ten more minutes…! And the next thing you know, you have hit the button ten times and now the rush is on.  So much for exercise or devotions, who has time?  It’s time to get the kids out the door, no time for breakfast, eat in the car… the entire morning is a disaster.  You vow again to salvage the day, and promise to work out and do your devotions prior to bed.  Oh but why? Tomorrow is a new day, you will get up early and make up for all of the fuss this morning.  But that stinking snooze button is your worst enemy.  It becomes a viscious cycle, one that can’t be broken, unless you break the snooze button.  That is it… Day 2 on our destionationless journey, brake the snooze button.  Okay, well it will have to be Day 3, because tomorrow I am taking the kids to the beach, and I am definitly sleeping in.  It’s official, Day 3, Friday, June 29, 2012, is break the snooze button day (unless of course it is your beach day).